Who is “the Common Man”?

Who is “the Common Man”?

Nicky II - Leukemia Regatta 2004Middle aged father (work in progress)

Dad and I - 1961

Dad and I Aug 2011loyal son

688 at Periscope Depthworld traveler, sailor, submariner

IMG_2327motorcycle mechanic

IMG_2245lover of music, art, good food and liquors

IMG_2361diehard griller

IMG_2243ardent wine and  beer aficionado

No one ever recognizes me when I'm off the gate.last of the snazzy dressers


ballroom dancer, bare knuckle pugilist…… and active nudist……(just kidding about the “active nudist”)


I am “the Common Man”. No better than most, no worse than some. This blog is my overly caffeinated (I’m on my 3rd “grande” cup of “Pike’s Place” now) observations and opinions on music, art, food, wine, beer, motorcycles, cars, culture, values, trends, religion, politics, the state of our world in general and this nation I love in particular from my perch in the window of Starbuck’s on State Street in the lovely historic former farming community, established by William Penn in 1684, of Newtown, Pennsylvania.

It is my hope that you will find this blog thoughtful, insightful, educational, entertaining, sometimes controversial, sometimes brawl inducing, in order to increase readership to the point where I become obscenely wealthy……or to where I achieve the revenues to raise my 10 year old son, continue to play with motorcycles and keep my fathers shop open and keep me in the proper supplies so that I may continue to imbibe my “Dave Blount Signature Dirty Martini’s” on a weekly basis……



3 thoughts on “Who is “the Common Man”?”

  1. Good evening sir,
    Im from Italy and I saw the picture of the Matchless g80cs 1955 on your blog. As Im looking for a bike like that, is it on sale by chance?
    If not can you help me in this search pls?
    Thank you, best regards and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Luca Borromeo

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