Follow on to “Writing Sucks”….Self Editing and the Perception of Others.

Recently, Justin Timberlake released his new song  (bringing) “Sexy Back”. The link to the video is here:

In addition the last Super Bowl XLVII,  featured an ad from Calvin Klein featuring a very handsome toned young man in nothing but a pair of Calvin Klein briefs.

Calvin Klein underwear image One for the ladies!

One morning, after I had finished my shower and was getting dressed, my wife was breaking my chops over my appearance and I made a statement along the lines that if she was so impressed she should take a photo…..which she did…with her iPad. She then threatened to put it on Facebook. Since I have no ego, or pride, I like a good laugh and I like embarrassing my wife, I posted the image on Facebook…….

Bringing sexy back III
forget Justin Timberlake….I’m bringing sexy back….

In addition to poking fun at myself for laughs I thought I would put an image out there that signifies the inherent sexiness of your average, middle aged “Common Man”. We work hard and raise families….we don’t all have time to go do the GTL…the “gym, tanning, laundry” routine that young guys with no responsibilities have. (Yeah….I’m dead sexy!!)

After posting the photo I received some comments that, while not necessarily condemning, were inferences that the post might not be appropriate. And, as one who is involved with children at various civic and social organizations, I began to worry about what others may perceive of the post and the impression they may have of the organizations I volunteer at.

But then I thought “hold on, my clothing in this photo is no more inappropriate than the bathing suit wear in the summer”. In fact, as I wear a pair of my old Navy diving trunks, which have been in use since WW II (and which my wife absolutely hates), those trunks are shorter than the boxer jockeys in the above photo.

Navy diver trunks II

Viggo Mortenson in Navy diving trunks from “G.I. Jane”….

I then began to ponder other similar examples of dress and subsequent exposure of the human body available in today’s media. Movies, television shows and print advertising. Let me show you a few examples to provide some perspective:

Rowan Atkinson from "Black Adders' Christmas Carol"
Rowan Atkinson from “Black Adders’ Christmas Carol”

Above we have Rowan Atkinson in a “posing pouch” taken from the British television program “Black Adders’ Christmas Carol”…

David Beckham underwear ad II

David Beckham in an H&M underwear ad…..

Playtex underwear ad

this is a Playtex ad….

Dove ad

and a Dove ad…

Marky Mark Calvin Klein

Mark Wahlberg in a Calvin Klein ad….

and finally….I submit the following…..

Fat Bastard
“Ah’m ded sexy….”

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      1. oh my! I love it tooo! Best gila! haha. and sh3e&0#9;s so young! really rooting for her. BTW, I am addicted to Top Chef too! You can watch it on DIVA channel!  

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