“This is not our day” Memorial Day

This is not our day.

Many people will take the time today to thank living veterans for their service. We who have served appreciate your well wishes, especially on Armed Forces Day during the month of May or on Veterans Day during the month of November.

But today is not OUR day.

Memorial Day is a day set aside for the remembrance of all those who fell in battle, who died in the line of duty, those who died in training…all those servicemembers, men and women, who made the ultimate sacrifice during wartime or while keeping a fragile peace in the service of this nation and it’s citizens.

Joseph Brady Colllins IIMy Great Uncle and namesake…Joseph Brady Collins II, age 19, U.S. Army WW I

Over the years it has morphed into the official start of summer, cookouts, trips to the shore or other vacation spots and the best time to get a “deal” due to all the “Memorial Day Sales”.

It is good to celebrate these things and spend the time with family and friends. And who doesn’t love a deal and saving money? But do not let these things overshadow the meaning of this day.

The veteran will sacrifice his life for his buddy, fellow platoon member or shipmate. He will also make this sacrifice for his loved ones back home. He will die to defend his country and fulfill the oath he took upon enlistment…to support and defend the Constitution of the United States….the ideals that define this nation…

There are not many who would die for an ideal.

Politicians take the same oath when elected to office but do not honor that same oath in day to day business….

I do not believe they would sacrifice their lives to protect that same document…those same ideals.

Enjoy your vacations, your cookouts, your time with friends and your sales….

But as you do enjoy a long weekend with family and friends, please take the time to remember those who’s service and sacrifice have provided you the freedom to do so.

Take time to visit a National Cemetery, Memorial Gardens, and Sites of Remembrance…a local memorial to the honored dead. Or just take a moment during the day to stop and think about those who gave the last full measure of devotion so that you may enjoy the freedoms, the peace and security and the way of life you celebrate today….


jbc graveThe grave of my Great Uncle Joe at St Michele in France…he left home at 19 and never returned…

“Requiescat In Pace”