The Morning After Election Day 2012 – Observations from a Common Man on a National Political Psyche that’s as battered as the New Jersey coastline…

Mr. President,
I congratulate you on your reelection. I address you not as a registered Republican but as a common American citizen who loves his country and as a retired member of the United States Navy who took the oath to “support and defend the Constitution” multiple times. As you have been reelected in accordance with the laws of the Constitution I fully recognize, respect and support your position and authority as President of these United States. Having won by both the Electoral and the popular vote you have a mandate by the American people. That mandate is to find the strengths that unite us and lead this country to a position of prosperity and security. Not to exacerbate the differences that divide us to ensure your party has a deeper hold on political power. I beg you sir, not to squander that mandate, to use your leadership to truly work across both sides of the aisle for the good of the country. May God Bless you and your family during the next 4 years and May God Bless the United States of America.

To the elected members of Congress I address you not as a registered Republican but as a common American citizen who loves his country and as a retired member of the United States Navy who took the oath to “support and defend the Constitution” multiple times. I remind you of the fact that as a representative you “represent” ALL the constituents in your district, NOT just those of your party. Stop being politicians and start being statesmen. Stop the insults, the hearsay, the innuendo, the fighting and the backbiting that has come to personify American politics and start working together. Democrat and Republican are not dirty words, character flaws or criminal organizations. They are differing philosophies on how to govern the country we all claim to love and how best to serve the COMMON GOOD. Instead of being the revered institution it should be, thanks to your actions, Congress is now viewed as a group of lying, greedy, criminal brats who have so little in common with their constituents they might as well be on another planet. Stop using hate to divide us. In the words of Benjamin Franklin “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately”.


And as for the rest of us…..we get the government we deserve. For those of you who did not vote you have squandered your right to complain about the elected representatives… shut up. For those of you who did vote, congratulations, half your responsibility has been discharged. Now pull your collective heads out of the Kardasian’s, Jersey Shore or whatever other idiotic crap is out there to distract you and start paying attention to what our elected “representatives” are REALLY doing down in Washington. Let them know how you feel about the issues, regardless of whether they are of your party or not. Or one day you’ll wake up to find your job, your beer, your TV, your guns and your Barco lounger gone, your kids shipped off to some foolish God forsaken war in BFE and your left holding the astronomical tax bill for the whole “effing” mess. Candidates run on a party platform in line with their personal philosophies. Once elected to office however they do not just represent Democrats or Republicans, they are to represent ALL of their constituents, regardless of political party. You could elect the most honorable man in the world to office but if he doesn’t know how YOU feel about the issues he’ll vote his conscience…. If he is a dishonorable man, he’ll figure nobody’s watching him and he’ll vote in accordance with whoever pays him the most.


For all of us, stop being so stupid as to be manipulated by all the negative 5hit put out there. Start using your head instead of your HATE. Stop believing the lies and innuendo. Get your information from a source other than a 30 second commercial or a 2 minute soundbite on the news. Stop buying into the hype that drives us apart!

Remember “United We Stand”????

We don’t need a foreign influence to come in here and drive us apart…..we’re doing a good enough job of that on our own already. It is time we put aside the insults and the bull5hit statements…… You’re not going to move to Canada because your candidate didn’t get elected…Hell, in this economy, which is the fault of BOTH political parties, you can’t even afford to move to a tent in the neighbors’ backyard. So stop bitching and start figuring how you’re going to work with your fellow AMERICANS, how to bring together the strengths that unite us, to make this a better country for you and your kids.


A final note…. For those of you who will undoubtedly say “He’s not my President”, “He’s not my senator”, “He’s not my Congressman”, we could all debate popular vote, the dissolution of the Electoral College, etc, etc….The fact remains that our representatives were elected in accordance with the Constitution as it currently stands, the law of this land. As a free citizen of this nation you agree to be subject to this law. However you have some choices… Unlike some nations, you can vote to allow a constitutional amendment to change the voting process or, unlike some nations,……you are free to revoke your citizenship and move somewhere else…. But if you claim to be a citizen of the United States of America…then Barack Obama is your President and should be accorded the respect the office deserves.


P.S. I would be writing the same observations had Mitt Romney won……