Starting a Blog…Humble Beginings

this is one of my goals in life….

I’m a 56 year old retired submarine sailor with a wife and two sons. One in his mid 20’s, former Marine with two tours in Iraq, who now attends school. The other is 9…he also attends school. He was a big surprise at my age. I thought I was going to be a boat bum out of Mystic Connecticut at this stage of life…not married, with a child in elementary school, living miles inland, away from the coast. Oh well…

I’ve started this blog for a number of reasons. One was to comment on various subjects I find interesting,vexing, some downright perplexing.

As for my interests they cover motorcycles, sailing, bicycling, grilling, traveling, drinking and music.

The things I find vexing are the current state of our “government by the people and for the people,” the general lack of civility, the increase in rudeness and downright animosity, the lack of common sense and the total absence of common respect and courtesy for one another in today’s society.

Perplexing is the popularity of Lindsay Lohan and the cast of “Jersey Shore.”

Another reason is that, kicking and screaming, I am being dragged into the 21st century. I’m attempting to familiarize myself with social media, theĀ preeminent way of communication and opportunity these days.

When I was a young adult the PC and Mac didn’t even exist. The first desktop I saw was something called a Tektronix Desktop Calculator. It was one big computer about 2 feet wide by 18 inches high by 2 feet deep. The keyboard, cpu and monitor were all one piece with an integrated mag tape drive. The screen was a green Cathode Ray Tube and the graphics were primitive (see the movie “War Games”). The magnetic tapes were about the size of a VHS tape and that was what your files were stored on.

playing “Star Trek” was so cool on these things…..too bad the commanding officer of the submarine had no sense of humor about using the expensive Sonar computer for gameplaying….

So I am diving into the future with this blog. I hope you find it entertaining, amusing, thought provoking and informative. This first post is a little tame. They should get more interesting when I figure out what I’m doing. Cheers!